How Search Engine Works?

How Search works
According to Many People Google in Internet, Google is the main point where we search any content, video, image in any website.
For any query there is a lots of web pages available with related search query. Without search engines, new web content would be inaccessible to the masses.
as acccording to many people Google(Search Engine) is internet but there is also many other search engine - Google, Bing, Yahoo,,, Baidu, Wolframalpha, DuckDuckGo etc. to search any things
But do you know How Search Engines works?
For one query = many web pages

But according to Search Engine Algorithms web pages rank.
Every Search Engine has main three works: Crawling, Indexing, and Retrieval.

Crawling - to discover content.
Indexing - to track and store content.
Ranking - to fetch relevant content when users query the search engine.


Crawling and indexing
Search algorithms
Useful responses

How Search Engine Works?

CRAWLING - Crawling is all about scanning any website each page - titles, images, keywords, other linked pages etc. When a web crawler visits a page, it collects every link on the page and adds them to its list of next pages to visit. It goes to the next page in its list, collects the links on that page, and repeats.

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Google Crawled thousands of webpages in per second.

INDEXING - Search Engine Collect data after crawling then come back to search engine server or database. called indexing

RANKING - When we put any search query in search engine, then we get most relevant pages on top. that is Ranking.
Google decide ranking on the base of retrieval methods: they use different criteria to pick and choose which pages fit best with what you want to find. Ranking algorithms check your search query against billions of pages to determine each one’s relevance.
then after set results ranking.
Ranking set according to Search Engine Algorithms.
that is main process of how search engine works?

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